The Lower Belize River Watershed: A Deep History

The lower Belize River Watershed has been home to many people for the past 9000 years. The interconnected water systems fed by the Belize River create an ecosystem that supports a wide range of plant and animal life. From ancient to modern times the watershed has shaped the way people travel, eat, and settle the land. In turn, people have also transformed the landscape to meet their own needs. The deep history of the eastern Belize River Watershed tells the story of this human-environment interaction and the ways it has both changed, and remained the same, over time.

The Collection

Our collection features archeological and archival materials that tell the deep history of the lower Belize River watershed. When you visit, you will learn about the nearly 10,000 years continual occupation of this ecologically diverse and historically rich part of Belize.

Artifacts: We believe that the best way to learn about history is to experience it through material culture. At the Crooked Tree Museum you will see archeological objects from regional excavations, as well as donated objects from community members.

Hands-On Learning Opportunities: Touching, feeling, and interacting with history is central to the museum’s mission. Come ride in a dory, pound a mata, and look closely at all sides of an ancient Maya painted vase.

Maps and Archival Records: Learn about the history and geography of the area by exploring maps of the lower Belize River watershed and Crooked Tree, like these from the National Archives in Belmopan, Belize.

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